Our  Story

myScript was founded in March 2017 by Edumisa Mtoli as a digital medical record company - Our Air Health Network.

Edumisa relocated from his hometown of East London to start a business in Mthatha in 2014. Here he fell ill and had to go back to his family GP in East London. A surgical procedure was carried out in East London, whereafter he returned to Mthatha. The frustration of having to explain his history to the Mthatha based doctor and repeat this to every healthcare professional he consulted, not just in different cities, spurred him on to seek a solution.

Edumisa’s Mthatha based business failed in 2016, giving him the time he needed to focus on his idea.

In 2017 he filed a provisional patent for a digital script (along with other innovations which the holding company, Maverick Trading 15

Many funding applications were submitted with no success. In 2018 Edumisa enrolled in the Investec Startup School Entrepreneurship programme through which, with the help of coaches, he learned how to communicate his vision and create a proper business plan. Mr Chuma Koyana was also instrumental in sourcing possible funding organisations and introduced Edumisa to the then President of the South African Medical Association (SAMA).

In late 2018, Our Air Health Network (two businesspeople with no technical lead) was one of three companies to be selected to represent the Eastern Cape at the State Information Technology (SITA) Hackathon National Finals. The experience of working with an assigned developer from Outsystems over three days became a light bulb moment - a technical developer was needed, or Edumisa had to learn to develop!

The biggest hurdle proved to be finding the right technical cofounder. Failed partnerships with a PE-based online co-founder in 2014, then with a mutual friend in 2016, prepared Edumisa to start learning to code himself. However, as he was getting started, he was introduced to Thulani Bango in March 2019 at an eSkills CoLab short course by Dr Sibukele Gumbo. Thulani had just completed his honours in Computer Science with Geology. After a few meetings and Edumisa attending Thulani’s graduation at UFH in Alice, a solid partnership was forged.

Thulani and Edumisa created a user interface which put the vision on a computer’s browser to be used as a tool to raise funds. A few months later, while they were still working on the interface, the East London IDZ agreed to fund the development of the prototype and piloting of the solution for users to test. And in January 2020 the patent was finally granted.

The solution, with a South African based pharmaceutical data provider and a relationship with a social media-based pharmacist, is a joint venture between Appimate, headed by Luthando Maqondo, and Maverick Trading 1562 cc.

Our  Mission

To empower patients and healthcare professionals by offering
transparent and secure access to medical prescription data on demand.

To empower patients and healthcare professionals by offering
transparent and secure access

myScript - a user-friendly app for ease of communication, getting data on demand and reducing red tape when a patient requires prescription medication.

Providing access to scripts and a record of the medication history of a patient

No more paper - an updatable working “document”. Access available to all three main parties at all times. Used to prescribe medication, dispense medication, pay for the medication and to be used as reference for future prescriptions.

Such connected care cannot be achieved, however, unless both healthcare professionals and patients utilise the system

Why Myscript

There are many digital medical records solution providers. None of them, however, address the issues that myScript seeks to solve, because all the information remains siloed and is only accessible by the company that owns the product.

Furthermore, these solutions do nothing to address the needs of the patient, focussing on the management of the practise rather than the patient experience and failin to address the needs of the patient as far as convenience, confidentiality and portability of information are concerned.

In a digital age, with Cloud computing combined with Data Science and AI technologies,
we now have the necessary tools to create a secure yet transparent centralised digital database that makes it possible for patients and healthcare professionals to access medical prescription data, on demand

It can be very difficult to get a repeat prescription once fulfilled at a different pharmacy, and it is impossible to do so if the prescription is lost.

It is very easy to forge a paper medical prescription, creating health risks for the uninformed patient and litigation risks for the doctor and pharmacist. A piece of paper can also easily be lost.

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